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We love telling stories.

Stories that need to be told.

Stories that need to be heard.

Story over image. But no story without image.

Some images tell more than a thousand words.

Some actions tell a story.

​Some images tell a story by itself.

When the feeling is good, the image is.

The story is.

Documentaries, short-docs, eye-openers.

But also commercials, events, activations, and other corporate work, as long as it feels right.

And that is for us to decide.

So... Yes, we do corporate films, too.

But never in the corporate way.

When we're not filming, we're cycling, skiing, working on old cars and bicycles, playing ukelele, lecturing mediastudies or giving workshops through The Maker Sessions.​

Get in touch with Nonfiction Mediahouse through Chilo Oostergetel. He's at the heart of a wild bunch of creative enthousiasts and will find the right man or woman for the job.

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Home base

Chilo Oostergetel

Heiligenbergerweg 152

3816AN Amersfoort

The Netherlands

On the road

Whatsapp or text at

+31 6 44 96 63 81

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